Nicole Duval - Chasing the Light

Nicole Duval Photo

People fascinate me. I am drawn to their faces, their expressions and the way that they carry themselves. For this reason I love to paint and draw from life. I feel that I develop a relationship between the sitter and myself.

In my work, I am trying to capture something more than the likeness of the sitter. I am hoping to convey the sense of wonder and fascination that I feel in studying a person. I am constantly striving to tell a story with the paint; through colour, through brush strokes, through shape and through line.

I am also captivated by light and the way that it influences the form and has a way of breathing life into the painting. I feel that I am chasing the light in each of my paintings, hoping to bring each sitter to life on my canvas.

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and moved to Melbourne, Australia at a young age. After high school, I moved to Israel where I studied Archaeology and English Literature. I now live in New York City with my husband and two children. I have been working principally at The Art Student’s League and The National Academy, studying with Marybeth McKenzie and Sharon Sprung.



2010 – Present: National Academy of Art Studying with Sharon Sprung

1998 – 2010: Art Student’s League of New York Studied with Marybeth McKenzie, Sharon Sprung, Harvey Dinnerstein, Leatrice Rose and Alex Zwarenstein

1993 – 1997: BA in English Literature and Archaeology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem